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Skeletal Disorders

Purses That Don't Hurt Your Back

Large handbags often rule the runways, but when you fill a bag that’s 18 inches tall and sling it over your shoulder, itR...

Passive Straight Leg Raise Test

The passive straight leg test is performed by a physician to determine if lower back pain is caused by a herniated disk -- a disk ...

Symptoms of Torn Cartilage in the Ribs

Your rib cage includes both bone and cartilage, a firm tissue that is more elastic than bone. Cartilage attached to the front port...

Orange Juice & Cod Liver Oil for Arthritis

Arthritis brings swollen, painful joints and limited range of motion to millions of people each year, many of whom consider trying...

How to Gain Height By Improving Posture

Better posture can make you look both taller and thinner. When you hunch over or slouch, you immediately lose inches off of your h...

Spinal Stenosis and Recumbent Bicycles

Spinal stenosis occurs when your spine narrows and compresses the nerves. The condition usually happens in the neck or lower back....

Nutrition to Cure a Stiff Neck

A stiff neck is a common musculoskeletal health problem. A stiff neck may occur in combination with headache, shoulder or arm pain...
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