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A Review of the Best Ski Boots

Finding the right type of ski boot is crucial to enjoying a day on the slopes and performing at your best, according to Ski Magazi...

The Best Ski Gloves for Kids

The best ski gloves for children offer two things: insulation and protection. A quality ski glove will provide children with prope...

Closest Skiing to NYC

Think twice about that long car ride from New York City to the mountains of New England. The New York metropolitan area holds doze...

The Best Brand of Ski Goggles

Those of you that have spent some time on the slopes know that a great pair of goggles can make your skiing or snowboarding experi...

The Best Women's Beginner Skis

When it comes to skis, there is no one ski for all skill levels and snow conditions. Ski selections are diverse, varying by size, ...

Ski-Preparation Exercises

You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a chill morning outdoors, but it's also an intense workout that stresses your arms, ...

Fall Line Gravity & Skiing Safety

Humorist Dave Barry once said that skiing would be a "carefree activity" if it wasn't for gravity. Although joking, the ...

Most Vertical Skiing on the East Coast

Resorts may inflate mountain stats such as vertical drop to make their slopes more appealing to skiers and snowboarders. For examp...

Sunscreen for Skiing

You may associate sunburns with tropical vacations and long summer days, but don't write off sun protection on your next ski retre...

Fun Facts for Downhill Skiing

Humans have used skis as a means of transportation for thousands of years, and ancient cave and rock art indicates that the use of...
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