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Downhill Ski Racing Techniques

World-class skiers often win downhill racing events by a fraction of a second. Ski coaches train their racers to use event-specifi...

How to Set the DIN on Ski Bindings

If you've ever rented or purchased skis, you've probably filled out a form to determine your DIN stetting. DIN, which stands for D...

The Best Ski Gloves for Kids

The best ski gloves for children offer two things: insulation and protection. A quality ski glove will provide children with prope...

The Best-Cross Country Skis for Beginners

Cross-country skis are one of the most iconic and most popular varieties of skis. These skis are the narrowest and longest, and ar...

The Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet

When you go skiing, you will be wearing your ski boots for around seven hours a day, so they have to be comfortable. This means go...

Ski Boots for Women With Larger Calves

If rental boots are leaving you with sore calves every weekend, it might be time to buy a properly fitted boot for yourself. Women...

The Best Women's Beginner Skis

When it comes to skis, there is no one ski for all skill levels and snow conditions. Ski selections are diverse, varying by size, ...

The Best Brand of Ski Goggles

Those of you that have spent some time on the slopes know that a great pair of goggles can make your skiing or snowboarding experi...

Ski-Preparation Exercises

You may view skiing as a fun way to spend a chill morning outdoors, but it's also an intense workout that stresses your arms, ...

My Knees Hurt After Skiing

Alpine and cross-country skiing are exhilarating sports, but the exhilaration may mask a muscle strain or injury. Knee pain may oc...
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