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How to Smooth Out Raised Bumps on the Bottoms of Snowboards

Your snowboard's polyethylene base surface is tough, but even the most durable material is bound to get a few scuffs and bumps fro...

Snowboarding in Oregon

The mountainous state of Oregon is home to 13 ski and snowboard resorts, located throughout the state. Along the Cascade Range and...

The Best Snowboard Headphones

Pumping up the jams when you're carving on your favorite slopes isn't just about entertainment. In fact, scientists have found tha...

Snowboarding Tips for Sore Muscles

Snowboarding, an exciting, fast-paced extreme snow sport, demands a lot from your body. You must simultaneously know how to balanc...

Top-rated Snowboard Helmets

Helmet usage is growing among skiers and snowboarders, and some ski resorts insist on their use for children. It's a vital piece o...

How to Sharpen a Snowboard With a Grinder

Keeping your snowboard in tune allows you to get the maximum performance out of every ride. The first task in tuning your board is...

Snowboard Stance Angles for Speed Stability

Your binding stance can have a huge affect on the way you carve and how you maintain speed through different types of snow. If you...

Snowboarding Boxes for Beginners

When you're learning to ride boxes and rails, you'll want to make a few adjustments to your board and learn some fundamentals to h...

Good Setup for Bindings for a Tricks Snowboard

To get the most out of your freestyle snowboard, you need to set your bindings to an angle that will allow you to hit all aspects ...

Properly Adjusting Snowboard Ankle Straps

When adjusting the straps of your bindings for better performance, you want to focus on comfort and fit. Your boot should feel snu...
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