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Social Security

Social Security Disability Benefits & Joint Child Custody

If your family situation involves issues of Social Security Disability benefits and joint child custody, you are dealing with two ...

Divorce & Social Security Benefits Settlement

Social Security benefits are not open to negotiation in a divorce settlement. Government regulations determine the monthly payment...

Social & Emotional Benefits of Regular Exercise

You already know the physical benefits of exercise: better health, reduced risk of potentially serious disease, lower blood pressu...

Social Security Survivor Benefits for Dependents

Although planning for your death isn't pleasant, it pays to be aware of the benefits that are available to your survivors. The Soc...

Social Security Benefits & Minor Children

August 14, 1935 marks the day Social Security came into existence. The original Social Security Act of 1935 did not provide for de...

Social Security Benefits for Children of Deceased Parents

Created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 as one of his "New Deal" programs, Social Security is one of the most...

What Can You Spend Social Security Child Survivor Benefits On?

When a parent of a minor child dies and has had Social Security taxes long enough, the child is entitled to survivor benefits unti...

About the Social Security Benefit Redetermination Update Process

If you receive Social Security benefits in the form of Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, at some point the Social Security Adm...

Government Grants for a Disabled Mom

Being a disabled mom and raising children can be hard when there are limited opportunities available. With government grants avail...

How to Compute Social Security Payroll Deduction

Social Security taxes are payroll taxes that have rules and regulations stipulated within the Federal Insurance Contributions Act ...
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