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What Do College Softball Coaches Look For?

College coaches are charged with putting together winning and consistent softball teams. In order to do this, they look for talent...

Lefty Slapping Softball Drills

Successful softball teams usually have a left-handed slapper, or batter, in their lineup. A lefty slapper can put a great deal of ...

How Far Apart Are the Bases in Fastpitch 10U Softball?

Fastpitch softball diamonds are much smaller than baseball diamonds. At the higher levels, it is a quick game dominated by pitchin...

The Physics of Pitching in Softball

When a player learns the proper mechanics of softball pitching, she’s really taking a physics lesson. Physicists can have a ...

Women's Vs. Men's Softball Size

Both women's and men's softball games require a regulation size softball to play. The softball may also vary in size depending on ...

Why Does Your Elbow Hurt After Throwing a Softball?

Few things ruin the satisfaction of a good pitch than throbbing pain in your pitching arm. Repeatedly throwing a softball in the s...

How to Hit a Softball With Power

The best softball players in the world can crush the ball upward of 600 feet, but the power they generate in their swings does not...

List of ASA Legal Slowpitch Softball Bats

The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) sets bat standards, including those for bats used in slow-pitch softball. These ...

Middle School Softball Rules

Although each state athletic association can set its own rules, middle school softball is basically played in accordance with high...

10U Softball Pitching Rules

Softball rules for pitchers in 10-and-under, or 10U, leagues reflect the fact that players are relatively new to pitching at this ...
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