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Spider Bites

A Comparison of the Brown Recluse & the Black Widow Spider Bites

All spiders have hollow fangs to inject venom into their victims---usually other insects---but in most species, the fangs are too ...

Brown Recluse Spider Bites in Children

The brown recluse is an unassuming little spider with a potent venom that can cause serious illness to humans. Children, who often...

Brown Widow Spider Bite Symptoms

The brown widow spider, or Latrodectus geometricus, is one of five widow spider species found in the United States. More than 30,0...

Natural Remedies for Spider Bites

Spider bites can cause pain and scary-looking sores, but in many cases, are not dangerous to the health. Bites from black widow an...

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Signs, Stages, Symptoms and Treatment

Brown recluse spiders, also called violin spiders or fiddleback spiders, contain venom that can cause serious injury and death. Th...
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