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Types of Toe Splints

Toe injury or deformity can significantly impact your ability to walk. However, many companies manufacture splinting pads and devi...

A Splint for a Humerus Fracture

The humerus is the long bone located between the elbow and the shoulder joints in the upper arm. The humerus is made up of three d...

What Are the Treatments for Thigh Splints?

Thigh splints refer to conditions that cause pain in the mid femur where the abductor muscles join the bones. The femur is the lar...

Types of Finger Splints

Finger splints are sometimes used to hold your finger in place to keep it from moving, such as when it is sprained or broken. They...

How to Splint a Strained Thumb

If you injure the ligaments and tendons in your thumb it may be strained or sprained and need splinting to reduce pain, immobilize...

Different Types of Hand Splints

Hand splints are used to treat inflammatory diseases of the hand and wrist and fractures and to provide stabilization after surger...

Homemade Night Splint

Immobilizing the wrist and hand at night with a splint is an effective way to prevent additional injury as a result of conditions ...
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