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Starting School

How to Write a Child's Obituary

The death of a child is a difficult event to have to go through regardless of the cause of the child’s passing. Writing an o...

Activities that Promote Parent Involvement

Becoming involved in your child's activities and education benefits both you and your child. When you're more involved, it can imp...

How to Promote Normal Growth & Development in Nursery School

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, close to 5 million young children attend public and private nursery or ...

What Schooling Is Involved in Becoming a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist is an expert on diet, eating well and weight loss or gain. People see a nutritionist for a number of reasons. Many ...

How to Write a Letter to a School Teacher Referring to Your Child

There are several benefits when parents and teachers communicate. Teachers learn more about their students and are better equipped...

How Can Parents Ensure Safety in Physical Activities at School?

Physical activity at school is an important part of the day. According to the American Association for Physical Activity and Recre...

Are Montessori Schools Good for Kids With Sensory Issues?

Sensory issues can make life seem almost unbearable, especially for young children who have not yet learned coping strategies. Dep...

How to Teach Children to Add & Subtract

Adding and subtracting seem fundamentally easy to adults because they’ve been doing it for years. Children need to have the ...

How to Teach Your Child to Memorize the Alphabet

You are one of your child's first teachers in everything from thinking to living. Showing him how to memorize the alphabet will he...

How Does Homeschool Affect Children?

Home-school offers parents a way to have more control over a child’s education and gives students a chance to learn in an en...
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