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Teen Behavior

How to Discipline a Teen for Getting Bad Grades

When a child's grades start falling, it can alarm parents. While some teens simply stop paying attention in class once they reach ...

Common Problems or Difficult Tasks for Teens

While your teen is growing more and more independent, some tasks are still difficult for her. From common problems such as moodine...

What Causes Teens to Not Do Homework?

Motivating teenagers to do their homework can leave you feeling hopeless. Despite parents' attempts to convince kids of the link b...

Behavioral Problems in Teenagers

It’s normal for your teen to stay out too late, dress to shock and refuse to put down his cell phone -- these are fairly com...

Risky Bipolar Behavior in Teen Girls

Diagnosing bipolar disorder in your teen girl can be tricky. When you notice extreme mood swings, from overly happy with tons of e...

Colorado Teenager Eviction Law

Whether your teenager is causing problems in your home or simply not pulling his weight financially, you may be wondering how to e...

What are the Effects of School Violence on Families?

School violence is a traumatic occurrence that touches students, teachers, parents and society at large. When violence occurs in y...

Techinques for Teens to Help With Self-Control

For a teenager with typical hormonal fluctuations, insecurities and new life experiences, showing restraint at all times presents ...

How Much Do Friends Affect Teen Behavior?

As a child reaches her teens, you might find her experimenting with new things and behaving differently. Much of this behavior com...

How to Reduce Unsafe Practices & Promote Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Among Teenagers

If you are the parent of a teenager or a professional who works with teenagers, you know how challenging those adolescent years ca...
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