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Tendon Pain

What Are the Treatments for Hamstring Strain?

A hamstring strain, or pulled muscle in the back of the thigh, can be a debilitating injury. Strained hamstrings heal slowly becau...

How to Come Back From a Strained Hamstring

A strain is a tearing or overstretching of a muscle or tendon. When your hamstring, the muscle located at the back side of your up...

Weak Hamstrings and Glutes in Distance Running

Distant running requires stamina, strength and strong muscles. The main muscles worked in the leg when running are the hamstrings ...

How to Treat a Hamstring Tendon Strain

If you feel a sudden sharp pain behind the knee, which is accompanied by swelling, tenderness and heat at the point of the injury,...

Codman Shoulder Exercises

Codman shoulder exercises -- more commonly called pendulum exercises -- are part of many rehab protocols after shoulder surgery. T...
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