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Toddler Eating and Nutrition

Facts Parents Should Know About Food Nutrients

A healthy diet helps children grow properly and reduces the risk of obesity, cavities and conditions such as osteoporosis and diab...

Meal Ideas for Picky Toddlers

Your toddler is still developing a taste for solid foods, so he may decide he wants to eat only macaroni and cheese or PB &amp...

What Causes a Toddler Not to Eat?

Some toddlers approach foods with lusty enthusiasm, but most take a more cautious approach. In fact, picky eating is one of the mo...

A Meal Plan for Preschoolers

A preschooler's meal plan must sustain rapid growth and healthy development as well as foster positive attitudes toward food. The ...

Finger Foods for 12-Month-Olds

Around 7 to 9 months, a baby starts trying to feed himself by grabbing at food on his plate or trying to take the spoon from his m...

Toddlers With Problems Eating Due to Texture

Most toddlers are picky eaters, at least at some point in their development. It's normal for toddlers to resist new foods and to p...

Finger Foods for a Toddler Party

Finger foods and toddlers go together like bees and honey. Toddlers, usually considered between the ages of 12 and 36 months, love...

Food for Toddlers Who Have Diarrhea

Virtually all toddlers experience bouts of diarrhea, which can be caused by infections, food intolerance, parasites, antibiotics a...

When Can a Child Eat Popcorn?

Some food choices can pose serious safety issues for young children and are best if you wait to offer them. If you are contemplati...

What Do I Feed My 1-year-old Now That She's Off Formula?

A child's first birthday often marks the transition from formula to cow's milk and more solid foods. At this point, most babies al...
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