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Toddler Safety

Toddler Safety Activities

All children need to learn about safety to protect them from unknown dangers. Older children may be taught in various methods, but...

How to Keep Toddlers Safe Outside

Your toddler's curiosity helps him learn about his world, but it can also lead him into dangerous situations outdoors. The outdoor...

Bathing a Toddler With a Broken Arm

As if the broken bone itself wasn't traumatic enough, you'll also need to change many of your toddler's routines to keep her cast ...

What Should You Do for an Ant Bite on a Toddler?

Ant bites, though not as common as spider or mosquito bites, can cause redness, localized swelling and in rare cases, an allergic ...

Pillow Safety for Toddlers

Toddler spend a great deal of time in the crib or toddler bed. The place where your toddler sleeps should be safe for naps and sle...

The Best Strollers for Toddlers

A stroller is a must-have item for a toddler. She might love to walk (or run) around, but at certain times she'll need to be strap...

How to Make a Home With Books Safe for a Toddler

Now that your baby has turned into a climbing, running, jumping toddler, it is time to double down on toddler-proofing the house. ...

Booster Seat Height and Weight Restrictions

Although the leading cause of death for young children is still car injuries, the proper use of child restraint devices, like boos...

How to Teach Toddlers the Dangers of Running Towards or in the Street

Now that your toddler is running full speed ahead, he has the ability to get into a lot more trouble than when he was a baby. One ...

How to Prevent Toddlers From Climbing Drawers

Forty children are taken to emergency departments each day with injuries from furniture falling on them, and most of these injurie...
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