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Toddler Sleep

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Toddler Need?

You've likely witnessed your toddler keep himself awake, or conk out due to exhaustion, at one time or another. So, it's not surpr...

Tips for Keeping an 18-Month-Old in a Toddler Bed

Moving an 18-month-old child into a toddler bed occurs for different reasons. Your toddler may be climbing out of his crib or you ...

What Ages Are Toddler Beds Designed For?

When your little one shows signs of growing out of his crib, you may look for another bed alternative that will provide him with a...

Toddler Separation Anxiety & Sleep

With your little one’s expanding language skills and strong attachment to you, she’s prime for some separation anxiety...

What Should a Toddler Wear to Bed When It's Hot?

It can be hard to know exactly how to dress your little one for bed in hot weather. If you dress her too warmly, she might wake up...

Why Do Toddlers Wake Up Crying?

During a baby's earliest months and even in the first year of life, parents can expect their children to wake in the night cry...

Sudden & Drastic Changes in the Sleeping Habits of a Toddlers

Fighting to get your toddler to fall sleep and then hearing him screech in the middle of the night is enough to cause the whole fa...

How to Get a Toddler to Sleep Later

If your child wakes you up every morning before the sun rises, he may be missing out on adequate rest and preventing you from gett...

Foods That Help Toddlers Sleep

There are many reasons why toddlers might have trouble falling--and staying--asleep. They may be teething, testing limits, napping...

Natural Sleep Remedies for Toddlers

It's common for young children to have trouble sleeping at night, particularly if they are being weaned off sleeping infrequently ...
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