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Tourette's Syndrome

Natural Therapy for Tourette's Syndrome

Treatment for Tourette’s syndrome has drastically improved due to the development of new pharmaceuticals and a better unders...

Herbal Remedies for Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by numerous motor ticks lasting longer than one year. According to the ...

Nervous Tics in Children

Children who become nervous about a test or are in a stressful environment may develop a tic. A tic is a sudden, repetitive sound ...

Does Exercise Affect the Severity & Frequency of Tics in a Person With Tourette's Syndrome?

Tourettes's Syndrome is a neurological condition that includes involuntary movement or speech. These involuntary functions are kno...

Tourette's Syndrome, Dopamine and Serotonin

Tourette's syndrome is a condition that causes involuntary behavior movements or vocal expressions known as tics. It is related to...
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