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Types of Childbirth

Tips for Easy Delivery of a Baby

Every mom has a different experience in the labor and delivery room. Some women opt for anesthesia, usually in the form of an epid...

What Types of Probiotics Are Best for Colicky Babies?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that play an important role in digestive health. Babies are not born with many probiotics in their...

The Complications of a Breech Baby Delivery

A breech position or breech delivery is a medical term that describes the upside-down position of a baby just before delivery. Nor...

Baby Aspirin in Late Pregnancy and Delivery

If you have a disorder that causes your blood to develop clots, you may need to take low-dose baby aspirin during pregnancy. Often...

What to Eat After Giving Birth

Nutrition after pregnancy is just as important as during pregnancy. Not receiving enough food, vitamins or fluids can drain the mo...
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