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Vascular Disease

What Are the Treatments for Collagen Vascular Disease?

Collagen is the main protein within the bone, cartilage and connective tissue. The collagen vascular diseases are a group of disea...

The Relationship Between Disease & Nutrition for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects an estimated 1 in 4 Americans. Elevated blood pressure contributes to the development of cardiovascula...

Benefits of Support Hose

Support hose, also called compression stockings, aren’t the most attractive fashion statement, but they serve a helpful medi...

Cerebral Vascular Disease Symptoms

Cerebral vascular disease, medically noted as cerebrovascular disease, refers to any condition or disorder that interferes with th...

Symptoms of Poor Circulation in the Legs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 8 million people living in the United States have poor ...
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