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Veterans Benefits

VA Disablility Benefits

Many American citizens disabled while serving in the country’s armed forces need assistance to resume civilian life with dim...

Deceased Veteran Spousal Benefits

Deceased veteran spousal benefits are programs that provide your surviving spouse and family members with money and other advantag...

Benefits for Spouses of Veterans

Wives and husbands of U.S. military veterans are eligible to receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs if they and/...

Veterans Benefits for Children

Children of veterans can receive various benefits as a result of a parent’s service in the armed forces. Most benefits are f...

The Benefits for the Wife of a Veteran If Divorced

What benefits a wife of a veteran receives in a divorce is a complicated issue governed by a range of federal and state laws. Divo...

Information on Veterans Prescription Drug Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, operates the nation’s largest integrated health care system, including 171 m...

How to Claim Benefits From War Veteran for Spouse

While living veterans and their dependents are frequently covered by government benefits such as pensions and health care, survivi...
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