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Women's Clothing

How Do Heelless High Heels Work?

In heel-less shoes, the balls of the wearer's feet rest on high platforms while the heels appear to hover, seemingly unsupported, ...

How Much Cotton Does it Take to Make a Shirt?

Cotton has been around for thousands of years, but it's drawing new interest these days with talk of sustainable clothing. That so...

What Do I Wear If I Have No Hips?

Everyone has hips -- yours may just be curve-less. Deciding what to wear with your kind of hips is a brain-teaser moment inside yo...

How to Make a Yoga Skirt

Yoga skirts -- much like their counterpart, the yoga pant -- are soft, flexible and versatile additions to any wardrobe. They gene...

About Runway Fashion in China

Its culture is the oldest, yet China is the new kid when it comes to runway fashions, joining the Fashion Week big four: London, P...

How to Tailor a Button-Down Shirt for a Woman

Men's button down shirts can easily be transformed into shirts tailored to fit a woman's body. This not only can save you hundreds...

Can Booties Be Worn to a Semiformal Event?

Ankle boots have been a fashion staple since 2008, adding an edge or a boho flair to dresses. They show up at semiformal events, t...

Things to Wear to a Christmas Party

If the holidays give you a slew of opportunities to dress up for Christmas parties, there are plenty of different things you can w...

Do Women's Blouses Still Have Shoulder Pads?

If you-- like one fashion blogger-- were hoping women's shoulder pads would be consigned to some kind of fashion Bermuda Triangle,...

Is There a Women's Pro Soccer League?

The third edition of a women's professional soccer league in America debuted in 2013. And fans of women's soccer hope that the thi...
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