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Neck Injuries & Stiff Necks in Wrestling

Some sports -- such as soccer -- are contact sports. Others, like football, are collision sports -- they encourage even rougher ph...

Judo vs. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Judo and Greco-Roman wrestling are similar in that both are combat sports and use grappling instead of striking. After that, the d...

Speed Workouts for Collegiate Wrestling

College wrestling is a highly competitive sport that demands excellence in technique, strength and speed to be successful. If you ...

Tips for High School Wrestlers

Wrestling is one of the most popular high school sports among boys in the United States -- with more than 270,000 boys from public...

A Biography of the Wrestler Khali

The Great Khali is the stage name of Dalip Singh Rana, a World Wrestling star performer. A mountain of a man, Rana, who stands a r...

Personal Training Programs for a High School Wrestler

Wrestling is a challenging sport that requires physical strength, technical prowess, anaerobic endurance and mental fortitude. An ...

Facts About Wrestling & Wrestlers

Wrestling is a traditional grappling sport that involves bringing an opponent to submission through martial techniques such as thr...

Different Kinds of Wrestling

A form of ancient martial art, wrestling evolved into a sport practiced all around the world. A number of wrestling forms exist, w...

High School Wrestling Weight Class Rules

To avoid mismatches, and for obvious safety reasons, amateur wrestlers only face competitors of comparable sizes. As a result, wre...

How to Do a Grapevine Pin in Wrestling

A grapevine pin traps your opponent by capturing both legs and both arms. Since he's on his back with all four limbs immobiliz...
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