Workouts to Increase Sprinting Speed

Female sprinter getting ready to run
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Tom Green, an eight-time All-American athlete, emphasizes that your sprinting speed will increase if you learn how to spend as little time as possible touching the ground with your feet. The idea is to explode from the starting line, and keep the explosive movements throughout the sprint. This is exactly what workouts to increase sprinting speed will do: improve your explosiveness. Do as many repetitions as you can before you lose form.

Knee Pick-Ups

Raise your knees to waist height while jogging slowly for a distance of 10 m. notes that you should concentrate on your arms and elbows as you do so, keeping the elbows at a 90-degree angle and your arms tension-free. Attempt to do as many ground contacts as you can, and don't worry about how fast you're going.


Tuck Jumps

Squat down and then jump straight up as high as you can. While in the air, bring your knees up to your chest as high as you can, then land smoothly, squat and repeat.

Rocket Jumps

Tom Green offers a variation on the tuck jump which involves squatting, exploding into the air, but this time keeping your body as straight as possible and stretching your arms up above your head. Your body should be in a completely straight line at the top of the jump. Land, squat and repeat.



Any kid knows how to skip, but skips to increase sprinting speed need to be exaggerated, so make each skip as high as you can, using your arms in a pumping motion to help your body on the way up. As a variation, instead of going for height, skip for distance, skipping as far as you can with each skip. Again, use a pumping motion with your arms to help you get distance with each skip. Tom Green recommends doing these workouts for 30 m, walking back to the starting line and repeating.