These Beet Chips Are 100 Calories and So Easy to Make

Looking for a satisfying low-calorie snack to munch on? Make these baked beet chips seasoned with sea salt and vinegar.
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Are you craving crunchy, store-bought chips, but dreading the high calorie content, preservatives and inescapable bloating that they come with? Instead of putting all that crap in your body, why not make homemade baked beet chips instead.

Our recipe for beet chips turns the colorful root vegetable into a 103-calorie-per-serving snack in under an hour. We season the chips with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and olive oil to achieve that addictive salt-and-vinegar flavor.


The best part of these beet chips — besides the fact that they are low in calories and carbs — is that both red and golden beets are satisfying sources of vitamin C, fiber and essential minerals like potassium, which helps your muscles function properly.

Make a batch of these and keep them on hand so that you won't go reaching for Pringles or Doritos when hunger strikes. And because you love quick, healthy cooking projects just as much as we do, why not make a creamy Greek yogurt dip with roasted garlic to dunk your beet chips into?

Recipe and Nutritional Info: Crispy Baked Salt and Vinegar Beet Chips


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