This Low-Sugar Chocolate Frosting Requires Only TWO Ingredients

This low-sugar frosting is made with just two ingredients.
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This luscious low-sugar chocolate frosting gets its sweetness from vitamin A and beta-carotene-rich sweet potato puree, as well as antioxidant-rich chocolate. The sweet potato acts as a butter replacement in the recipe, keeping the frosting spreadable, rich and delicious.

At 12 grams of sugar and 118 calories for three tablespoons of frosting, you can feel free to treat yourself to a dollop of this on top of graham crackers or your favorite low-sugar cupcakes.

Seek out high-quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate chips for the recipe. When looking for chocolate, read the ingredients on the package. If you see corn syrup or any type of vegetable oil (such as palm, soybean or cottonseed oil) listed, put that chocolate right back on the shelf. Some chocolate manufacturers use vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and cheap artificial sweeteners like corn syrup in order to cut costs and hide the fact that they aren't producing the real deal (aka chocolate with a a high cocoa content).

If you do use minimally processed, high-quality chocolate, you will be rewarded with the antioxidants from the cacao. These antioxidant compounds, called "flavonoids," can help prevent heart disease and protect against cancer.

For a fun addition to the sweet potato chocolate frosting, feel free to top your cupcakes with coconut flakes, berries, cocoa nibs or candied citrus peel.

Recipe and Nutritional Info: Sweet Potato Chocolate Frosting