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Wobenzym is a powerful drug-free supplement that contains the same natural digestive enzymes that the body uses to break down proteins from food, as well as the fruit enzymes bromelain and papain and the antioxidant rutin. It is used worldwide by millions of people to help reduce chronic pain, control inflammation and speed up the healing process. However, despite these health claims from its manufacturer, Mucos Pharma GmbH of Germany, this product is not intended to replace conventional medical evaluation and treatment.


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Joint Health

For many decades, Wobenzym has been used to promote health and mobility in joints and muscles. It acts as a "biological vacuum cleaner" that rids the body of impurities and damaged proteins that lodge in joints and other tissues where they cause inflammation and delay the healing process. As a result, these systemic enzymes help reduce joint pain and swelling, as demonstrated in the January-February 2006 issue of "Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology."


Heart and Circulatory Health

Evidence suggests that whole-body inflammation is at the core of heart disease. As discussed in the January 2003 issue of "Circulation," nearly every step in the process of plaque formation involves an inflammatory response to injury to the artery lining from, for example, cigarette smoke or rancid fats. High blood levels of C-reactive protein, or CRP, indicate excessive inflammation in the body. Wobenzym has been shown to significantly lower CRP levels, according to the "International Journal of Immunotherapy."



Wobenzym can shorten recovery time after surgery. As evidenced in "Sports, Medicine and Health," May-June 1990, enzyme therapy given before and after surgery lessens swelling, inflammation and pain. It may also prevent scarring. In some cases, less pain medication is needed. The use of Wobenzym for surgery requires a physician's consent, as it may be contraindicated in some people who are at risk of bleeding.


Sports Injury Recovery

Wobenzym has been a secret weapon for many of Europe's sports champions and Olympians for many years. According to "Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine," systemic enzymes stimulate quicker healing and reduce swelling, immobility, inflammation, tenderness and pain. While it can shorten recovery time once an injury has occurred, Wobenzym is best used preventatively prior to athletic events. Many famous athletes, including Stefi Graf, Boris Becker, Katarina Witt, Hermann Maier and Jaromir Jagr, have discovered the remarkable healing benefits of Wobenzyme.


Balancing the Immune System

Rather than stimulating or suppressing the immune system, Wobenzym has the ability to balance it, according to Lowered immune function can increase risk to infection and chronic disease, while an overactive immune response can lead to autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, where the the body attacks itself. A balanced immune system, on the other hand, is better able to defend against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms. It's also more efficient at healing and repairing damaged tissues throughout the body. Basically, Wobenzym enhances the healing effects of the immune systems's inflammatory response for quick recovery from injury or trauma, while at the same time containing excess inflammation from getting out of control and wrecking havoc throughout the body.


How To Use Wobenzym

Wobenzym should be taken on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before a meal or at least two hours after a meal. In this way, the enzymes do not digest food proteins, but instead are absorbed into the bloodstream, where they exert their anti-inflammatory effects. For chronic pain relief, three to five tablets three times daily are recommended, according to Five to ten tablets three times daily can be used for more severe chronic pain. Wobenzym can be taken for one to two months or longer for chronic conditions, and one to six weeks for acute conditions. Some people may experience minor digestive disruptions such as diarrhea and excess gas. Smaller doses taken more frequently can alleviate this.



Wobenzym should not be taken by individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those who have bleeding disorders or liver damage. It also should not be taken in combination with anticoagulant drugs, including aspirin.


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