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Wearing improper shoes for walking and jogging can lead to permanent health problems.
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What to Look For

When shopping for shoes to walk and jog in, comfort is king. Depending on a person's arch, high, low or average, the type of shoes will differ. For those with a high arch to support the foot where the arch should support cushioned shoes it's best to fill that area that the arch lacks. For a low arch with very little shape and support, a supportive shoe will give shape and stability to the foot. For most people with an average foot cushioned, supportive shoes will work best. Trying on shoes is very important making sure that the insole supports the individual's foot properly. Look for low rise shoes to allow the ankle room to bend and a thick supportive sole.

Common Pitfalls

The biggest problem with purchasing the wrong shoes to walk and/or jog in is if the fit is wrong it can lead to permanent health problems. If walking and/or jogging are done without proper support it can cause problems with the feet, ankles, knees, back and neck.

Where to Buy

Shoes that are ideal for walking and jogging can be found practically anywhere shoes are sold: big retailers such as Wal-Mart, sport stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, department stores such as Macy's and shoe stores such as Foot Locker. All of these stores carry a variety of shoes and brands. It's alright to purchase shoes online, but make sure the website has a good return policy if the shoes are not a proper fit. Online sites such as, and offer reviews, good return policies and online fit charts.


A good pair of walking and jogging shoes can run anywhere from $30 to $150. This range depends on brand, materials and specifics. Some of the more expensive ones are made from genuine leather and canvas from companies with large advertising budgets. The lower range of the price spectrum is typically man-made leather and from generic brands.

Comparison Shopping

When shopping for walking and jogging shoes, if trying on is possible, walk around the store quite a bit and pay attention to the way feet, ankles, legs and back feel with the shoes on. When buying online look up reviews to see if the shoes have worked for other people.

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