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Ramen noodles is an Asian noodle dish often served in either a beef, chicken, pork or vegetable broth. While noodle restaurants are popular in Asian countries, in America, instant ramen soups are a popular, inexpensive meal.

Packaged Noodles

Major packaged ramen soups contain from 190 calories to 390 calories per package. It's important to read ramen noodle nutrition labels because some products contain two servings. So if you eat the entire package and it's 390 calories per serving, you're getting 780 calories

Instant Meals

Instant ramen noodles, like those sold in Styrofoam cups, can have from 190 to 300 calories per serving, depending on the flavor. Cream-flavored meals tend to be higher in calories compared to those with clear chicken, beef, pork and vegetable-based broth.


What you need to watch most when eating ramen is the sodium content. Packaged ramen meals can contain anywhere from 487mg of sodium per serving, to nearly 800mg of sodium per package, which contains two servings. The American Heart Association suggests consuming less than 1500mg of sodium a day. One package of single-serve ramen noodles can contain close to 1/3 of your recommended daily allowance of sodium.

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