How to Self-Hypnotize for Weight Loss

The process of hypnosis is getting your mind into a state where it can accept a suggestion. During hypnosis, a subject can take a trip deep into their subconscious to eliminate beliefs and habits that may be a detriment to his everyday life. This is why hypnosis is so popular for those seeking to lose weight. However, it is not necessary to seek and pay for a professional. Most insurance plans also do not cover the cost of hypnotherapy as well. Try to self-hypnotize yourself to lose extra weight.

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Step 1

Find time in your day where you will not be distracted by external factors. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes where you can immerse yourself in a trance. It is important to focus during this entire period of time.

Step 2

Set weight loss goals for yourself. Aim for an exact amount of weight you want to lose and specific time you want to lose it. Read this goal aloud before you begin.

Step 3

Visualize yourself as the size you want to be. Imagine what your body will look like once you attain your ideal weight. Also, think about how others will react and what they will say. Try to make the scene as vivid as possible rich with color, smells, sound and feelings.

Step 4

Close your eyes and relax your body until it is completely limp. Engage in deep breathing for three minutes until you feel a sensation from your skull to your feet. After the sensation is felt, relax that part of your body. You will be in a trance state.

Step 5

Imagine your ideal self in a trance state. Think about how you will view the world, the way others will see you, and how good it will feel to be healthy and in good shape. Look at your body in its lean, trim state.

Step 6

Come back to your present state slowly. Be sure you bring the feelings of the internal experience back with you. Doing this daily will train your mind to feel how good it will be to lose the weight. You will gradually make the behavior modifications necessary to lose weight.

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