How to Eat 700 Calories Daily

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Following a 700-calorie-per-day meal plan is difficult because the body requires more calories to function on a daily basis. Remaining on a diet that is restricted to 700 calories would require meticulous calorie counting and immense willpower. An article published by the University of Illinois refers to 700 calories per day as a starvation diet and does not recommend it as a healthy method to lose weight. Consult a physician before embarking upon a heavily restricted diet for weight loss.

Step 1

Consult a physician. Following a 700-calorie-per-day meal plan is way under the daily caloric requirements of the body. This diet may be dangerous and should be approved by a physician. If approved, follow the physician's directions regarding how long to stay on the diet and what supplements may be necessary to prevent nutrient depletion.


Step 2

Write down the caloric content of everything you eat. In order to know that you are eating 700 calories per day, you will need to keep track of all the calories you are consuming. Include the calories consumed from juices and sauces or condiments, as the calories from liquids and sauces are often overlooked and can add up quickly. Every calorie must be accounted for in order to follow this restricted plan properly.

Step 3

Drink plenty of water. The human body requires water to function. Twenty percent of the recommended daily intake of water is normally obtained from the food you eat. While eating 700 calories per day, the amount of water being consumed through food will be cut almost in half, depending on your normal dietary intake. You will need to drink about an extra two cups of water per day to account for this fluid loss and prevent dehydration.


Step 4

Eat nutrient-dense foods. During a heavily restricted diet, foods that are especially high in vitamins and minerals are needed in your body to prevent nutrient depletion. Foods which are extremely healthful, such as fruits and vegetables, also happen to be lower in calories, so you may consume more of them while staying in a 700-calorie range. If you were to consume 700 calories worth of less healthy food, such as chips or candy, you will be eating less volume of food and providing your hungry body with less of its needed vitamins and minerals.


Do not attempt this level of restriction in the diet without approval and supervision by your physician.

Following a 700-calorie-per-day meal plan for a short time may not provide permanent weight loss. The body may initially lose water weight, which could be easily regained later.