How to Find Alkaline Water

Some people buy alkaline water in the hopes of increasing their body's pH. Your body actually does a good job of maintaining the right pH on its own, and the amounts of water typically consumed would be neutralized by your stomach acids, limiting any effect on your pH. You'd have to drink quite a lot of alkaline water to affect your body's pH, which would get expensive and might be harmful, according to an article published in Monterey County Weekly in February 2015. You're better off changing the way you eat, but if you'd like to try the water, it isn't very hard to find or make yourself.

Potential Sources

Many grocery stores and other stores carry alkaline water along with the other specialty waters in the bottled water aisle. You can also order it online or buy a machine to make alkaline water at home. The best type of alkaline water is naturally alkaline spring water because this has more of the essential minerals than alkaline water produced by passing regular tap water through an electric current.

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