What Is the Victoria's Secret Workout Routine?

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Victoria's Secret models must retain their curves when exercising.
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While the most famous Victoria's Secret models, like Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Marisa Miller and Heidi Klum, all have bodies that look effortless, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get them photo-shoot and runway ready. The Victoria's Secret Angels work hard with Justin Gelband for at least 75 minutes each day to achieve their world-famous shapes, while eating a healthy, low-fat diet to complement their exercise. While their bodies look unachievable, you can adopt the Victoria's Secret workout routine for better health.

Strength Training

The Victoria's Secret models make no secrets when it comes to their strength training routines. Strength training helps them tone their bodies while still keeping the famous VS curves. Miranda Kerr does resistance and functional training as part of her workout, while Alessandra Ambrosio says that her trainer leads her through squats and lunges to get the ideal Brazilian butt. You can adopt more strength training into your routine by using resistance bands and free weights to offer more resistance to exercises like squats, crunches, planks and lunges.


Cardio is an important part of anyone's fitness routine, and the Victoria's Secret Angels are no exception. Trainer David Kirsch worked with Heidi Klum after her third pregnancy and ensured that she engaged in plenty of cardio to burn excess fat. Miranda Kerr adds kickboxing and other high-intensity cardio to her workouts, including daily runs. When creating an exercise routine, include at least 30 minutes of cardio per day. Whether you walk, run, kickbox, dance or play sports, it can help your body burn fat to showcase your hard work.

Ab Work

The Victoria's Secret toned tummy is constantly being bared during photo shoots, commercials and runway shows, so the Angels pay special attention to toning their tummies. Rather than doing thousands of crunches, the girls use types of fitness like dance and capoeira to tone abs with waist movement rather than hard-core crunches. Marisa Miller prefers using resistance bands while watching television, and Miranda Kerr spends at least 30 minutes per day working specifically on her core, arms and balance. When doing ab exercises, technique is the most important component. Keep your abs engaged and your spine neutral for the most benefit.


A body like those shown on the Victoria's Secret runway are not won by a few hours of daily exercise alone. The girls adhere to fairly strict diets to keep their bodies lean and fat-free. Steamed vegetables, chicken and fish are often on the menu, along with choices like yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Marisa Miller also avoids alcohol, soda and carbs before a shoot and eats raw, clean foods 48 hours before a shoot or runway show. Eating foods that are low in calories yet highly nutritive often throughout the day can keep your metabolism burning and supply your body with the fuel it needs for more effective weight loss.

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