How to Get in Basketball Shape in 2 Weeks

To be in basketball shape, you must have excellent aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance allows you to perform physical activity over a long period, while anaerobic endurance allows you to perform high-intensity activities over a short period, such as a sprint. In basketball, you need to be in shape for a sprint, such as on a fast break, and be able to last an entire game. Therefore, to get in basketball shape in two weeks, you must perform both types of training to be in optimal shape.

Two young men are playing basketball.
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Suicide Sprints

Step 1

Stand at the baseline underneath the basketball goal on a full basketball court. Run as fast as you can to the free throw line, then return back to the baseline.

Step 2

Run to the half court line, then return again to the baseline.

Step 3

Run down the entire court to the other baseline, then return to the starting baseline.

Step 4

Rest for one minute then repeat. Perform 10 total suicide sprints.


Step 1

Find a safe place in your neighborhood to jog. If you can, jog on grass or on a padded track. Avoid walking during your jog if possible.

Step 2

Set a goal to jog at least three miles per workout. Jog on the days you are not performing suicide sprints. Jog at your own pace, but increase your speed each jogging workout.

Step 3

Walk for five to 10 minutes after your jogs to allow your heart rate to slow.

Step 4

Replenish your body's energy stores with a high protein and complex carbohydrate meal, such as a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Eating after a jog will replenish glycogen, or the energy storage in your muscles.

Step 5

Drink plenty of water after your jog to replace water lost in sweat.


Perform suicide sprints every other day for two weeks to improve your anaerobic endurance for basketball. They can improve both your endurance and your sprint speed if done regularly.

Do not feel embarrassed or disappointed if you are jogging at a slow pace initially.

Apply ice to sore legs as you begin your workout program. If the pain becomes intolerable, or you are having difficulty walking, see a doctor.


Do not start your workout program with too much intensity. You may injure yourself.

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