What Foods Should I Avoid if I Have Laryngitis?

peppermint is one of the foods that can prove irritating
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Laryngitis describes the inflammation of your larynx, or voice box. When you have laryngitis, your voice will gradually reduce to a whisper or completely halt. You may even have to resort to writing notes to friends and family and avoid phone calls until your voice returns. Certain foods can make it harder for your voice to come back.

Acidic Foods

avoid acidic foods like oranges while suffering from laryngitis
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Acidic foods that can cause acid reflux can also cause laryngitis, according to Drugs.com. When acid from your stomach back flows into your esophagus, it can burn your larynx and cause damage. You might not realize you have acid reflux, but avoiding acidic foods can help whether you have a reflux condition or not. Acidic foods can also burn your throat as they pass down to your stomach for digestion. Avoid foods such as pineapples, lemons, oranges and tomato-based products; these are all considered acidic.


Spicy Foods

hot and spicy foods will aggravate symptoms
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Spicy foods can cause irritation. Irritation to your larynx could worsen and prolong laryngitis. Irritation can aggravate the symptoms of laryngitis: the rough, scratchy throat, dry cough, rawness in your throat and hoarseness. Irritation can also cause irreversible damage, especially if you constantly clear your throat and continue to try to talk through the irritation. Spicy foods include hot sauces, curry, hot peppers and similar dishes.


Chocolate and Peppermint

chocolate should also be avoided
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Chocolate contains caffeine, which can zap fluids from your body. Peppermint can worsen conditions such as acid reflux, according to Drugs.com. Even small amounts of chocolate or peppermint can worsen the symptoms of laryngitis. Ask your doctor when you might be able to have these foods again.



steer clear of coffee and other caffeinated drinks
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Alcoholic beverages can have a burning effect, which can worsen laryngitis. Alcohol can also cause dehydration. When you have laryngitis, drinking plenty of water to keep your throat moist and hydrated is essential to healing. Drugs.com recommends that men drink around 3 liters of fluid per day, and women drink just over 2 liters of fluid per day. Avoid caffeinated drinks; they can have a dehydrating effect similar to alcohol, which can dry out your throat.