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Man Vs. Woman Karate

author image Kent Ninomiya
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Man Vs. Woman Karate
Woman doing a karate punch Photo Credit: Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Both men and women study the same techniques in karate but implement them differently. Men and women often favor different karate tactics because of the inherent physical differences between them. Students of karate are taught to use their strengths against their opponent's weaknesses. This allows a smaller and physically weaker woman to defeat a larger and stronger man through superior karate strategy.

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The average man is larger and taller than the average woman. This encourages different karate strategies when men are fighting women. Most men will try to use their size to their advantage by attacking straight forward. Their superior reach enables them to strike first. Women depend on angles in karate. Attacking from the sides opens up vulnerable targets. Women can also target the lower body more effectively because of their smaller size.


The average man has twice the upper body strength as the average woman. This emboldens the man to attack with his upper body by punching or grabbing. This predictable attack strategy can be used against a man by a woman using karate. The woman's leg is longer than the man's arm. When the man attacks with his arms she can counter with a kick.


The average woman has more hip flexibility than the average man. This enables women to more effectively throw round kicks and side kicks. These kicks are often used when attacking at angles. For example, a woman can deliver a round kick to the abdomen of a male opponent while stepping to the side to avoid a front punch by the man.


Larger and stronger people tend to be overconfident when attacking smaller and weaker people. Women can use this overconfidence to their advantage in karate. Allowing a male opponent to believe that they are afraid and submitting allows a woman to launch a surprise attack. Delivering a blow to the groin, eyes or throat will end a confrontation immediately.


Karate students are taught to fight different opponents in different ways. A woman training to fight men will keep the physical differences in mind when choosing which karate techniques to employ. By repeatedly practicing effective technique combinations, she can deliver a rapid fire attack as a reflex action to a specific kind of attack. She has anticipated the attack by the man long before the fight ever happened.

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