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10-Day Plan to Get You Looking and Feeling Your Summer Best!


It's time to shake off those winter blues, especially for those on the East Coast, who endured a particularly tough winter this year. Now that the sun is beginning to warm our bodies, it's time to prepare for tank-tops, swimsuits and the great outdoors. Whether you've been training all winter or the cold sent you into hibernation, I've got you covered. This simple, effective and powerful 10-day workout plan will kick your fitness routine into high gear and get you ready for the beach in no time!


What's the Plan?
The plan is to work out for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, while saving two days for rest. Short on time and/or space? No more excuses. Using these five high-intensity training circuits, location and time will no longer stand in the way of getting in the best shape of your life. You can do these workouts with minimal space and no equipment in the comfort of your own home, outdoors or even at your gym. I like to use ReXist360 Training Bands to intensify and get the most out of my workout, but at the core of it, all you need is to bring yourself and your A-game.

For each workout:
Do each exercise for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds.
*Repeat the circuit five times.

Workout One -- Total Body
1. Sumo Squat Jumps
2. Pushups Into Side Plank
3. Single-Leg Jackknives
4. 360 Lunges
5. Mountain Climbers

Workout Two -- All About Abs
1. Walking Planks
2. Starfish Abs
3. Ab Tilters
4. Leg Drops
5. Bicycle Punches

Workout Three -- Glute Target
1. Squats
2. Bridge Lifts
3. Table-Top Roundhouse Kicks
4. Killer Curtsy Lunges
5. Star Jumps

Workout Four -- Arm Target
1. Pushup Jacks
2. Side Plank Sweepers
3. Triceps Dips
4. Inverted Shoulder Presses
5. Forearm Pushup Presses

Workout Five -- Legs for Days
1. Reverse Lunges With Knee Pull
2. Warrior Squats
3. Bowler Hops
4. Leg-Swinger Planks
5. High Knees


How To Maximize My Results?
The most effective way to boost your results during your 10-day program  is to keep your nutrition clean and balanced and practice care. Here are my top-10 tips to amplify your results:
1. Drink a lot of water! Eight to 10 glasses a day will do the trick. (You can track your water intake quickly and easily within LIVESTRONG's MyPlate.)
2. Reduce sugars and artificial sweeteners. Try swapping out packaged sweetener for raw honey or agave.
3. Eliminate alcohol. You can raise a toast to yourself on day 11!
4. Reduce consumption of packaged foods. Make sure sugar content is below 10 grams, protein is at least 5 grams, and that you are familiar with all ingredients.
5. Reach for whole grains, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean meat and fish.
6. Sleep for six to eight hours. Your body does its best recovery while you sleep.
7. Find 10 minutes a day for stillness or silence. Your mind needs rest and attention too.
8. Take advantage of your rest days: Do something nice for yourself that's healthy, fun and positive that won't derail all your hard work!
9. Tell somebody about how and why you're doing this 10-day plan. That way they can hold you accountable and celebrate your success.
10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Choose your "why" and write it down. Do you want to look your best for an upcoming event, begin your journey back to your skinny jeans or make your children proud? The deeper connection you can make to your inner self, the better. Write your "why" on a Post-it and put it somewhere you will be sure to see it every day.


Readers -- Are you trying to get in shape for summer? Will you try this 10-day routine? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Shay Kostabi is a California native and former dancer. Shay is making waves in the fitness world as a Master Trainer for ReXist360 Training Bands. Her goal is to inspire your audience to meet their fitness goals quickly and safely. She has been featured in Well+Good, Goop, "SELF," "Glamour," Examiner, "Fitness Magazine" and on Viera Living Network, to name a few. She strives to inspire each individual to define their strength and grace through music and movement. Follow Shay on Twitter and check out

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