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10 Tips to Make Sure Your Workout Happens

We all want to work out on a regular basis, but when fitness time is competing with work, household chores, events with family and friends or just the comfort of your bed, it can be really hard to make that goal a reality. However, with the right mindset and just a bit of planning and prep, you can make sure that your workouts happen.

Make it happen

1. Find a workout that you love. It's OK if you dread the Stairmaster or if Pilates isn't your thing. Instead, find an activity that you will actually look forward to every day. Discovering your “thing” is half the battle, so don’t give up. Keep trying different classes and activities or get recommendations from friends.

2. Work out with friends. Plan a group hike or a morning of standup paddleboarding for an awesome catch-up and sweat session. Or grab a bunch of friends and sign up for a class — make your fitness time double as a "friend date."

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3. Take classes with teachers who inspire you. It's so much more exciting to go to a class if you know you'll be taking it with someone who excels at moving you toward your fitness goals. Working with a teacher who knows you and your body can also help make sure you don't hit a fitness plateau.

4. Find the best time to work out and stick with it. Designate that time and day as your workout time: This will help make it become a regular part of your routine. Change is good, but when it comes to finding time to work out, sticking with a schedule means one less thing to figure out.

5. Pack your gym bag the night before. If your bag is packed, you've got no excuses -- just grab it and go. If you want to be really prepared, keep a packed gym bag in your car. And if your barre outfit happens to be incredibly comfy, why not just wear it to bed?

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6. Wear workout clothes you love. Upgrade your workout gear from those free oversize T-shirts and frumpy sweatpants. In the same way a great outfit can make you feel confident and fashionable, a great workout outfit can make you feel strong and fit.

7. Create a workout playlist that will pump you up. While your tried-and-true gym tunes can still do the trick, new beats will provide an extra boost of inspiration and motivation. Curate a list that matches your workout:  fast and loud for a cardio session; slow and meditative for your cool-down.

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8. Set goals for yourself. Sign up for a half-marathon or dedicate yourself to working your way into an inverted lotus. If you have a goal that you're actively working toward, you're much more likely to regularly lace up your running shoes or unroll your yoga mat.

9. Try short-and-sweet workouts. Even a 10-minute workout can be as satisfying -- and beneficial -- as an hour-long cardio session at the gym. As long as you're moving and flowing, take pride in your workout.

10. Reward yourself. Grab a cleansing post-workout juice or fire up Netflix and binge-watch that series you haven't had time to watch. You earned it!


Readers -- What are some tips and tricks you use to make sure your workout happens? Have you tried any of the tips mentioned above? What motivates you to work out when you're just not in the mood? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Sophie Jaffe is a certified raw-food nutritionist and chef. She's a member of the Yoga Alliance as an advanced teacher and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. After managing a raw-foods store in Los Angeles that specialized in group cleanses, she became dissatisfied with the "one-size-fits-all" model of detox regimens and created her own company, Philosophie.

Since then, she has found great success and amazing results in providing personalized detox cleanses to a wide variety of clients, including George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, Gerard Butler and Billy Corgan. She has created several superfood products for use in supercharging every meal and two convenient, effective quick cleanses that can be delivered anywhere and utilized easily.

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