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15-Minute Workout from Zuzka Light


It can be challenging to find time and space to work out when you're traveling. But staying active while away from home doesn't have to be complicated. There are plenty of simple, but effective, exercises you can do with only a few feet of open space and just your bodyweight. Below are some examples of exercises you can do almost anywhere, and there's no equipment needed.


To create a full workout, set a timer for 15 minutes, and go down the list, completing 10 reps of each exercise. Once you get through all of them, repeat the list again. Keep a fast, steady pace, aiming to do as many reps as possible until the time runs out! It's that easy - only 15 minutes and you're done.

1. Burpees - one of the best total-body, cardio exercises!
Start in a standing position. Bend down so that your hands are touching the floor, just in front of your feet, then jump your feet out to a plank position. Lower your body to the ground, so your chest is touching the floor, then push yourself back up to plank and jump your feet toward your hands. Go back to a standing position and then jump high with your hands in the air.

2. Squats - great lower body, legs and butt exercise.
Stand straight up with your feet just wider than hip width apart, shoulders back, core pulled in tight and concentrate your body weight into the heels of your feet. Bend at the knee, until your legs are at a 90-degree angle then push back up through your heels and return to a standing position.

3. Russian Twists - an exercise that targets your abs and obliques.
Start off sitting on the floor with your legs parallel out in front of you, and then bend your knees bringing your feet flat to the floor. Clasp your hands together in front of you then, keeping your back straight, and lean back about 45 degrees. Pick your feet off the ground, just an inch, and then rotate your torso side to side, left to right as far as you can. To complete 1 rep, you must start facing the center of your body, turn to the left then right and return back to center.

4. Plank with Alternating Shoulder Touch - this exercise works your core and upper body.
Get into a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders, fingers spread wide, back straight, and your abs pulled in tight. Pick your right hand off the floor and touch your left shoulder then return to plank. Repeat this motion on your left side, touching your right shoulder. Each time you pick up your hand, concentrate on keeping your hips in line, back straight and abs pulled in. Your body should be straight as a board, do not let your hips sink down. You must touch each shoulder to count as 1 rep.

I have so many more examples of bodyweight workouts you can do in less than 20 minutes available on my ZGYM at It's an online fitness gym with access to over 100 workouts including a beginner workout series, jump rope workouts, yoga routines and more. I work out with you in real-time so you can follow along with me, and push yourself to get fit and feel great!


Zuzka Light is the leading fitness personality on YouTube with hundreds of millions followers worldwide. Her impact is enormous, and her staggering digital presence is confirmation that her contribution to the fitness industry will only expand with time. Zuzka co-founded BodyRockTV before starting, which allowed her to garner an adamant fan base in the United States and overseas. Her personality, style and voice have guided her to become one of the biggest influencers in health and fitness.

You can follower her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube.

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