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5 Simple Steps to Living a Healthy Life

We all want to get healthier. We all want to feel better. But life has gotten so busy that even with the best of intentions, our priorities often get jumbled. The busier we get, the more our health, fitness routines and healthy habits get overlooked.

Having a to-do list is a great idea to keep yourself on track. This simple checklist includes things that you can do at home to help you become focused, less burdened and more motivated to take care of yourself.

1. Start a Morning Routine: How you start your day determines the way that it unfolds. Rolling out of bed to check emails, texts and messages immediately throws you back into the stressful cycle from the day before.

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By taking time to meditate, pray, reflect, write in a journal or read something inspirational, you're giving your mind, body and spirit time to feel nurtured and relaxed. Ideally, you should take at least 20 minutes of quiet time each morning to put you more in touch with your intuition and help you to better handle potential stressful situations that come your way. Creating a morning practice can completely transform your life.

2. Declutter: A major reason we feel overwhelmed is because our lives have become disorganized. We have too many things on our minds and literally too much stuff in our space. A clearing out of living and work areas can not only help you to feel lighter, but it will also make room for good things to come.

Go through your closets every season and take an honest approach to removing things that you no longer need. Tidy up after yourself every single day: That way you won't feel overwhelmed when a whole week goes by and your space resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

3. Clear Out Chemicals: We are bombarded every day by chemicals and toxins from our environment. Clearing your home of chemical cleaning and personal care products will lessen the amount that your body absorbs on a daily basis.

Look for natural cleaning alternatives or make your own from simple ingredients like baking soda, lemon and vinegar. Keep an eye out for skin and body care products without parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate and other chemicals.

4. Eat Less Acidic Foods: By working to get our bodies more alkaline, we are promoting a healthier environment for our cells to thrive. Too much acidity causes inflammation in our system and leads to numerous possible health challenges. Foods like alcohol, white flour, dairy products, caffeine and sugar are acid-forming. Do your best to remove or reduce these items from your diet and replace them with more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, almond, coconut or rice milk products, and use stevia or coconut sugar as sweetener.

5. Exercise: This is the part that many people don't want to hear, but it bears repeating. Moderate exercise will benefit your life. By performing strength and cardiovascular training of some type, you not only improve your overall health, but you will feel and look better too. If you haven't started an exercise routine, take it slowly.

Ask a friend to go for regular walks and hire a trainer at a local gym to show you the ropes. Starting any new routine can be a challenge, but once you take the first steps, it will get easier and easier for you to fit it into your week. You might even learn to love it!


Readers -- Do you do any of the steps mentioned above? Do you feel like your life is overcomplicated and too busy? How have you decluttered and simplified your life? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Jay Bradley is an antiaging, wellness and lifestyle expert living in Los Angeles. His new book,LIVE LOOK FEEL, is a 12-week guide that motivates readers to take charge of their own lives.

Connect with Jay on his website and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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