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545 Miles Over 7 Days

If someone had told me a year ago that I was going to traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles, 545 miles, over 7 days I would not have believed them or even entertained the thought.  Now, however, that sounds like something I would like to do, need to do, am going to do.

By December 2011 cycling had become a full blown hobby and not just something I did to get exercise going to and from work.  I had been riding 25 – 50 miles once or twice a weekend.  Eventually that wasn't enough to satisfy anymore.  To try to quench my thirst for more miles covered in a single day I set out to ride a century (100 miles) Christmas day.  I chose Christmas day because, in Los Angeles, there are virtually no cars on the street for most of the morning and early afternoon.  While I was riding a local cycling club passed by me and I ended up chatting with one of the members for a few miles.  After we parted ways I was realized that I no longer wanted cycling to always be a solitary pursuit.  I needed to be with other cyclists.

Two weeks after completing my first century I began looking for century cycling events around Southern California I could participate in.  The first one I came across was the Tour de Palm Springs, an event to raise money for non-profit organizations in the Coachella Valley.  When event day came I was ready to ride this century only a few necessary stops, unlike my ride on Christmas day.  I started out at 8:30 am and was finished by 4:30pm for a total of 8 hours out in the field which was a 4 hour improvement over my first century ride.  I now knew that events like this would satisfy my cravings, my cravings for distance as well as being around others with a passion for cycling.  I wanted more!!!

I have participated in several events since the Palm Springs ride, but I am about to tackle my most challenging ride to date.  On Sunday I am participating in AIDS/Lifecycle, a charity ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles covering 545 miles over 7 days.  At first I found the thought of the distance quite daunting but as the event start approaches I realize more and more that this is what I have been working towards for the past 14 months.  I realize that I AM ready for this.

Beginning June 3rd, I invite you to follow my progress in near real-time as I cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  My position will be updated about every 10 minutes along with tweets and pictures taken along the route.

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