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6 Intriguing Fitness and Nutrition Tools from IDEA World 2013


The LIVESTRONG.COM editorial team had the opportunity to attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles. It's the largest educational fitness convention in the U.S. with many of the top fitness and nutrition brands as exhibitors; and workouts, workshops and presentations by top fitness celebrities including Randy Hetrick from TRX Training, Tony Horton from P90X, pro-surfer turned entrepreneur Laird Hamilton, Chalene Johnson from TurboFire and many more. We were lucky to be able to get into the show before it officially opened for some private demonstrations.

From all of the great new - and the not so new - things we saw and tried, here are some of the team's favorites:

Me getting trained by Randy Hetrick, TRX Training creator and CEO.

1. TRX Training
If you belong to a gym, you've almost definitely seen people working out with trainers using TRX suspension harnesses. I first noticed noticed them at the gym in 2005 or 2006. Or maybe you've seen TRX on NBC's "The Biggest Loser" when Bob Harper had the contestants train using them. TRX Training was invented by Randy Hetrick while he was a Navy SEAL, so that he could train to stay in ultrafit shape while deployed overseas. The SEALs didn't always have the luxury of space to train or a full set of weights, so Hetrick created the TRX Training system (which at the time he called "The Gizmo") out of a jiu jitsu belt and some mesh to be a tool that works all of your muscle groups efficiently and requires little space. I was lucky to chat with him and have a one-on-one training session in which he showed me basic and advanced moves. You'll definitely feel this workout! You can use TRX in your home anchored to a door. And then it is easy to put away afterward.

The editorial team testing the Ocean Yoga equipment.

2. Ocean Yoga
Having tried both paddle boarding and yoga myself, the idea of yoga on water intrigues me, but I understand that the modality might not be accessible to many since not everyone lives by a beach or lake. The folks at Ocean Yoga are trying to bring paddle board workouts onto land. The boards rest on pods to provide the effect of instability you would feel in water. Check out this video where they show you how it all works (plus a few moves).

Inspiring tank top from Lorna Jane’s pop-up store at IDEA World.

3. Lorna Jane
Inspiring global fitness brand founder and LIVESTRONG.COM blogger, Lorna Jane Clarkson, was among the team mananaging her brand's mini pop-up store at IDEAWORLD. We've been loving all the Lorna Jane stores that have opened up here in Los Angeles, and we were excited at another opportunity to chat with Lorna herself and check out some of the latest styles. Workout clothes are getting more fashionable by the day, but the problem we're encountering more frequently is that many companies are sacrificing style for comfort and functionality. That's not the case with Lorna Jane; both design and quality are top-notch.  We were excited to pick up another pair of the lightening bolt running tights and some more of the fitspiration tanks!

Photo courtesy of Navitas Naturals.

4. Navitas Naturals
LIVESTRONG.COM's resident dietitian Kelly Plowe gives Navitas Naturals the stamp of approval. "I think I have their entire product line in my pantry," says Plowe. "I use their maca powder, cacao powder, chia seeds and acai powders in my morning smoothies." The California company carries everything from chia seeds to wheatgrass powder to dried goji berries. All of their products are gluten-free, certified organic, and are Non-GMO Project verified. They also process their products as minimally as possible (freeze-drying and low-temperature processing) to maintain the flavor and nutritional profiles of their product.  "I also keep the Cacao Goji Power Snacks on hand," Plowe points out. "Two of these feeds my sweet tooth, and I can feel good about it."  Their website ( provides an overview, nutrition information, health benefits and recipes for every product.

Photo courtesy of Trigger Point Performance Therapy.

5. Trigger Point Performance Therapy
"Regular stretching doesn’t always help me get the results that I need, especially after intense exercise sessions," says Cate Norian, LIVESTRONG.COM photo editor. Using the specifically designed Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools can help to provide release to areas of stress and tension. "It also gets you a deeper stretch and targets sore areas," Norian says. "It almost feels like a sports massage."

Photo courtesy of Shock Wave.

6. IndoRow at Shock Wave
Shock Wave is a competitive workout circuit that incorporates total body moves to torch fat. Their booth featured a key machine from the routine: IndoRow with WaterRower. "It's an innovative rowing machine that feels just like you are rowing on water," says editor Crissy Van Meter, who used to row in college. It has a WaterFlywheel that mimics the resistance of a boat gliding across the water. "You create your own resistance – the harder you pull, the more you sweat!" says Van Meter. "Even the sound of the water is soothing."

Readers - We love hearing from you!  Leave a comment below and let us know if you've tried any of these products, and what you thought about them.  Are there any other products that you recommend we check out?


Luz Plaza is into fitness, nutrition, happy and healthy living, as well as indulging a little. Forever against the one-size-fits-all approach, Plaza enjoys boxing, hot yoga and jogging. She previously produced content for LIVESTRONG.COM, Beachbody and TeamBeachbody.

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