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The 7-Minute Booty-Blasting Workout

Booty Blast Workout

Booty. Bum. Junk in the trunk. Badonkadonk. Bottom. Backside. Whatever you call it, it’s safe to say that most people want one that’s tight enough to bounce a quarter off of.

But whatever your goal, it’s just a good thing to have a strong gluteus maximus — it’s the biggest muscle in the body and a key part of almost every move we make: standing up, sitting down, climbing stairs, etc.

Which is why you need to try out Cassey Ho’s booty-blasting workout that will get your glutes in prime, shapely form. (Bonus: This workout will kill your thighs, too!)

Check out more of Cassey Ho's Pilates Bootcamp workouts on LIVESTRONGWoman on YouTube and her some other killer workouts:

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- Lili


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