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8 Tips to Recommit to Fitness


Springtime fitness routines aren't just about getting a bikini-ready body in time for summer. Research has shown that most women are looking for more than just a perfect, physical physique. A study I conducted through The Dailey Method revealed that 60 percent of women say improved mental well-being and stress reduction are key fitness motivators. Additional key fitness motivators for women include the need for increased energy, improved self-confidence and improved posture.


When I developed my fitness program, The Dailey Method, one of my primary motivators was to help people become healthier from the inside out. When we build a foundation of muscular and mental health from deep within, the benefit to our entire physique and attitude is magnified in a way we could never achieve if our focus was limited to the periphery.

The survey also revealed that three out of five women are generally more motivated to recommit to fitness in the spring. So for those of you re-committing to working out in the spring and trying to improve your health and fitness by summer, I've included a couple of my tips on how to get back into a good healthy routine.

1. Set an intention.
It is hard to know where you are going without any direction. So, set an intention for the week, season or the year – whatever you feel most comfortable with. A little secret I have? The Dailey Interval class is hard for me! One of my intentions for this year is to take two interval classes a week and push myself past my comfort zone. For the most part I've done it (I've learned not to expect perfection from myself) and honestly, I feel great. Each time it has gotten a little easier, and I continually feel stronger!

2. Find something that you enjoy doing.
If you can exercise and be happy at the same time, it's twice as beneficial. How about biking on a beautiful day, hiking new trails or trying a fun new class — you'll be more successful if you're having fun!

3. If you don't love exercise, find a friend to help motivate and inspire you.
We see the buddy system all of the time in our Dailey Method classes. It helps you stay accountable and committed.

4. Mix up your workouts or commit to one that changes a little every day.
Variety is key for women when picking a fitness regimen; more than half (53 percent) of U.S. women report getting bored with their fitness regimen and giving it up all together. At The Dailey Method, our class structure has enough familiarity to allow students to continuously refine and deepen their practice and enough variety to challenge the muscles in different ways to keep your body and mind engaged. One of my favorite ways to add personality and variety to my classes is through music. It's amazing what a great song can do to help you work harder and stick with it just a little bit longer.

5. Do something that fits into your life (time and budget).
Even if it's 15 minutes, it's progress. This was one of the reasons I released the Dailey Now DVD- you can do a 15, 30, or a 55-minute full body workout depending on the time and energy you have that day.

6. Take good walking shoes on your vacation.
It's easy to fit in a walk around town or in the hills depending on where you are. Allow yourself to enjoy and experience the culture or environment you're visiting and you'll be motivated to walk further. I personally love walking the streets of New York and Paris. Weather permitting, I skip the metro and do as much by foot as possible. Bonus- more opportunities to shop along the way!

7. Drink your green juice.
When you start your day off right, you are more likely to continue on that path, so get your greens in early in the day.

8. Drink water all day.
Water is such an important part of your health. Carry a big bottle around with you all day to encourage drinking more. I personally prefer to drink out of glass. There are great mason jar sippers on the market now and the lifefactory water bottles are a great go-to.

-Jill Dailey

READERS- Are you trying to get fit this spring? What is your goal? Will you try any of these tips? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Jill Dailey, founder of The Dailey Method, has been in the health and fitness industry for 23 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado. In her early career, Jill co-owned a personal training and Pilates studio and maintained her certifications with the Pilates Guild, The Physical Mind Institute and the American College of Sports Medicine. She also studied with several Lotte Berk instructors prior to opening her first Dailey Method studio in 2000 in San Francisco. Her passion for the body and the intricate way in which it moves is what inspires her every day to continue to evolve the Method.

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