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A Better Way to Run?

If you've ever read this blog, seen my Twitter feed, or watched me plod on the pavement, you know that I'm not a big fan of running. Last December I ran 12 miles for a Tough Mudder event and followed with four weeks of feet pain (true story). It's not that I hate running: I actually love sprinting and playing sports. Distance just isn't my preference.

What you don't know: I happen to love singing. Place me at a bar with karaoke, and there's a good chance I'm leaving the stage to a standing ovation. (sometimes of laughter, other times of cheers) Which is exactly why I'm intrigued by a new take on running. There's a campaign and contest that not only challenges people to run, but to run and sing at the same time.

Could one of my "talents" override the other? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out--even if it means that I'm going to start running. (Besides, I'm doing another Tough Mudder in December, so it'd be great if my feet were prepared this time.)

The program is called Nike Free Running Karaoke, and it works exactly how you'd think: You go for a run, you sing along to a downloadable playlist (or music of your choice) along the way, and then you log your miles. The runner who logs the fastest 2 mile run by 5/10/12 is the winner.

Nike says that running and singing at the same time is "the ultimate test of strength," and while Laron Landry is probably going to disagree (so would I, for the record), this is the type of fun program I just want to watch unfold. After all, just keeping a steady pace during a run can be difficult. Staying in stride AND trying to keep up with Kanye and Jay Z? Now that is worthy of a standing ovation.

If you feel up to the Nike Free Running Karaoke and want to share your talents with the world, send me a video of your running and singing ways with the #makeitcount hashtag. I think this contest was exactly what I had in mind when I created the #fitnesslives initiative. As a reward for your bravado, I'll be giving away some fitness prizes to the person who runs and sings the best. And if you're better than me, well, that might even earn a Twitter mention.

Best of luck.

-Adam Bornstein

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