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Your Belly-Baring, Dance-All-Day, Festival-Season Training Guide

Starting April 15, Coachella kicks off the 2016 festival season that includes Bonnaroo, Lightning in a Bottle, Outside Lands, Burning Man, Lollapalooza and the list goes on. Between the hot weather and long days, a music festival can really take a toll on your body, so to get the most out of the experience you may want to start training weeks ahead of time.

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Your main concern? Stamina. Over the course of 12 hours you may take up to 18,000 steps — about eight to nine miles — just going between stages, and that's not counting all of the dancing you'll be doing. Inspired by a typical marathon-training schedule, these tips will help you reach your peak festival-goer performance.

If you're headed to the California desert this year, it may be a bit late for the full training regimen, but you can still follow some of the final days' guidelines to stay hydrated and fueled up for your weekend of fun.

A Month Before
Start tracking your steps with an app or wearable pedometer. You'll want to aim for a doable goal like 5,000 steps a day and then work up from there. If you're planning to wear a midriff-baring outfit, now is the time to focus on defining your six-pack. Get some inspiration from these 12 moves for getting washboard abs. (They're GIFs!)

21 Days Before
You'll need to hold your phone up high to capture entire encores, so you also want to be strengthening your upper body. Have you tried TRX Suspension Training? Check out "9 TRX Exercises to Sculpt an Insanely Strong Upper Body."

Two Weeks Before
It's time to break in your shoes and assess whether you will need a different pair. Find a 30-minute dance video and pause it every 10 minutes to change your shoes.

10 Days Before
You should be averaging 8,000 steps a day by this point. Ideas for increasing your daily steps: Take the stairs, go for a hike, take a quick stroll around the office every other hour, explore your neighborhood or offer to walk a friend's dog.

Five Days Before
Wind down the number of daily steps to a max of 5,000 in order to conserve energy. Make sure you're getting at least eight hours of sleep a night, and maybe even get a massage to increase circulation. Plan to have a few healthy salty snacks over the next five days so that you're getting enough sodium to balance what you'll be sweating out over the weekend.

A Day Before
Have a filling breakfast and lunch, but limit yourself to a light dinner. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine today and tonight so that you're fully hydrated for the weekend.

Festival Day 1
Have a healthy, low-fat breakfast at least an hour before you arrive at the event. Go for potassium-rich foods like bananas, pears and kiwis, and indulge in some carbs to keep your glycogen levels up, but pair them with some lean protein, like you would before a workout. For example, low-fat yogurt topped with granola, raw almonds and sliced banana would be perfect. Before you leave, get your leg muscles warmed up with moves like the examples in "The 8 Best Stretches to Do Before Running." And don't forget your sunblock!

– Valaer

Readers — Are you going to any music or arts festivals this summer? What’s your favorite festival and why? Do you have any fashion tips or tricks to surviving a festival? Leave a comment below and let us know!

 Valaer Murray is an editor for and previously worked at AOL, Forbes and Whalerock Industries. She has launched media properties including and and has written for numerous outlets, including recent assignments for Jetsetter, Simon & Schuster’s, and BlackboardEats. 




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