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Breathless Body

One of the most dynamic fitness instructors and celebrity Master Trainers in the industry today, Amy Dixon, has a new DVD Breathless Body that was just named Top Mega Calorie Melter of 2012 by Fitness Magazine. With over 15 years of teaching experience, she is best known for her energy and enthusiasm for fitness. She delivers a fun, performance based workout and works hard to educate and motivate her students to achieve extraordinary results.

Amy Dixon

Breathless Body plays right into the current trend of high intensity interval training that is popular today. Most of the current research that is coming out right now proves that high intensity interval training workouts burn more calories in less time and make you more fit than traditional endurance based workouts. This DVD plays into one interval training method known as TABATA training…which consists of completing ONE cardiovascular drill 8 times at 20 seconds of a DRAIN THE TANK effort followed by a 10 second recovery.

Best part of the DVD? NO EQUIPMENT needed, just body weight and it is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that is easy to follow and will blast calories.

I had Amber R. a LS.COM member review the Breathless Body DVD and here is what she said:

“I have done the workout twice now and I have been breathless for SURE. The biggest thumbs up I can give to this workout is that I was able to do the video all the way through without having to watch it once or twice before attempting to do it. Her cues are perfect and simple and she is constantly letting you know what you are supposed to be doing. Another big thumbs up was the fact that she has three different levels and she states that you can bounce between levels and it's NOT a competition!! Totally love that. I really liked that fact that the video challenged me and really make me work, I was actually sore the next day!! I also burned more calories doing this workout then I did doing P90X Plyometrics.”

You can find more about Amy Dixon and purchase this amazing DVD here!


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