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Can Cancer Be Defeated?

What if you could help save a life?

How about more than 100,000?

That's the offer currently on the table for Prop 29 in California.

I'm not a political guy. Politics lead to fighting, misunderstanding, and more fighting. But I am about movements that can help people. It's how I've decided to dedicate my life: To helping people live healthier, longer lives. It's why I love my job at LIVESTRONG.COM. It offers me the opportunity to positively influence millions of people.

Now you can have the same type of impact.

Our friends at LIVESTRONG.ORG shared some eye-opening stats about what is at risk for Prop 29.

You can read more about it here.

What does this potentially life-altering bill hinge on?


That's it. The concept is that voting "yes" on Prop 29 will fund innovative cancer research and programs to stop children from smoking. This is the type of research that could help those who are battling cancer today and those who will fight tomorrow. It could be a stranger, it could be a teacher, or it could be a member of your family.

Everything is funded by a $1 tax that would be placed on cigarettes.

I don't like making judgments on people's lives. But there's no denying that smoking is an unhealthy, dangerous habit. And when you consider that tobacco use results in more than $9 billion dollars in health care expenditures, something needs to change.

It starts with $1.

With such a small cost the battle might seem easily won. But the opponent is Big Tobacco. A group with deep pockets. Just how deep? They're dedicating at least $12 million to fight against Prop 29.

I always tell people that they can make a difference. That they should spark the change they seek in this world.

If you live in California and want to fight back against cancer and help protect future generations of children, this is your chance. Seize the opportunity to make a positive change and help others.

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