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Feeling Good Starts Here

You can get yourself out of pain, move better and be stronger in everything you do.

Adaptation is a gift from nature, and the idea that as a species we are able to evolve to improve our chance of survival is extraordinary.  What separates human beings from the countless other organisms that share this trait is our unique ability to analyze existing conditions and make conscious decisions to improve our chances of survival.

There is no question that advances in medical science, communication, housing, transportation and technology--among many other elements--have greatly improved our ability to safeguard our existence for as long as possible. However, along the way we have lost touch with one fundamental idea of survival: the structural maintenance of the human body.

Each of us -from the workaholic weekend warrior to the always-training athletic fitness buff- have developed movement patterns and habits that inhibit our ability to fully achieve our physical potential. Sitting all day long with a compressed spine and diminished blood flow, eating processed foods that our bodies are not designed to absorb, using pain medication to block the signals of chronic headaches, back pain and knee pain; all of these things keep us from operating at our best -and all of these things are associated with postural imbalances. The good news? These imbalances are related to movement patterns that can be fixed. We can change them.

We can feel better physically, we can think better mentally, and we can live life in a way that brings us closer to our own roots as human beings. It is easier than you think. I am here to help all of you along the way. My name is Dr. Eric Goodman, and I’m the creator of Foundation Training – a method I invented while I was in chiropractic school to help alleviate the aches, pains and imbalances I felt in my own body. (Here is a talk I gave at the TED convention where I discussed the method.) I’ve learned that, by strengthening the posterior chain, we can solve many of the ailments and injuries we face. The goal of the Dr. FeelGood blog is to show you how.

One key concept to understand is that our brains will adapt to just about anything. Brain science has taught us that we have the power to change our brain because of its inherent neuroplasticity, or the ability and desire to adapt to make life better for us. The eagerness of our neurons to please us allows for remarkable physical changes. And it is completely within your control to take full advantage of this.

In the coming weeks, this blog will guide you through the process and universal benefits of shifting your body and brain to a more primitive, higher functioning, happier physical state. Deep down, each of us is capable of healing ourselves, becoming stronger and feeling more fulfilled.  The first part of the process is developing the movement patterns that allow this all to begin. We’ll begin that soon.

- Dr. Eric Goodman


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