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Fitness Through Injury

I had hip surgery in 2005. Its actually not something I think about much at all. When I tell people about it, the surgery seems like a story about the life of someone else. And I’ve been very fortunate to have had little or no hip issues or pain… up until 10 days ago. I am in week four of training for a half marathon – meaning the amount of miles I am running per week are not many, however, the pain is huge. Immediately my brain jumped to worse case scenario – another surgery and/or never running again. Thank goodness I have great girlfriends that have talked me off the ledge. I am seeing my doctor later this week, so fingers crossed the pain is just a symptom of starting a new training program.

In the meantime I have been maintaining my fitness regime, but with a low/no impact focus. I have been spinning, going to yoga, walking my dogs more and increasing my weight training.┬áIt’s really difficult to hear about the amazing runs my group of girlfriends is having while I’m on the sidelines, but I’m doing my best to stay focused on my health and not be discouraged. This is definitely a new space for me. Perhaps the world teaching me the necessity of patience, acceptance and imperfection. I will keep you posted.



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