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Get Running With This Adrenaline-Pumping Playlist


If there's ever a time to pop in headphones and let the world just melt away, it's during a run.

A run can be the cure to all the stresses and pains we encounter in our daily lives, and the perfect playlist can kick your run up to the next level with enough pop to keep your energy up and enough pump to help you push through. There's something about that bass line that keeps our feet moving and the sweat pouring.

Grab your Beats and run it out with this adrenaline-pumping playlist.

– Jenna

Jenna Gruttadauria is a co-owner of The Oxford Trunk, a Santa Monica-based online and brick-and-mortar women's lifestyle boutique. Specializing in health and beauty, Jenna also loves dogs, beach days, red wine and cheese.

Connect with Jenna on Instagram and follow The Oxford Trunk on Instagram and Pinterest for daily fashion and beauty tips.


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