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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Dads of All Types

Chances are that no matter what you got him, your dad will love whatever is that you'll give him for Father's Day. After all, over the years there is no one who gets more excited about receiving homemade cards, painted rocks and questionable pattern ties and socks. But, as we get older we realize that the most valuable gift, is always time. We are so busy with life that we even talk about "making" time for activities. So now that Father's Day is upon us, let's make sure to take a step back, and take the time to celebrate Dad.

Here are some healthy ideas to celebrate ALL dads:

-The New Dad: Here are some thoughtful and creative gift ideas for new dads. We also know that new dads are not getting a lot of "me time" (or sleep), so how about a relaxing BBQ at home with the family. Invite the grandparents and forget about the stress of getting all things ready to take the little ones out of the house or hiring a babysitter. Here are some ideas to make sure your BBQ is as healthy as it is delicious.

-The Dad of Teenagers: This dad gets a double celebration; he gets a BBQ with the family and then a date with mom! Why not? After everyone makes sure to show dad how much they appreciate him, try to plan one of these fun workouts for couples.

-The Active Dad: Whether this dad likes to run marathons, go to the gym or do yoga, we know that he'll probably be into fitness gadgets. Check out this list of fitness gadgets that actually work to help him fuel his passion for fitness and live a healthy live. Once the gadget arrives, ask him to show you how it works, he'll be excited to see you interested in something that he's passionate about.

The Grandpa: Perhaps grandpa is not as young as he once was, but it is important for his physical and mental health that he stays active. There are multiple moderate intensity exercises like taking a walk in the park, or even doing some yoga! Staying active will help grandpa sleep better, have a better immune system and even help his heart. So, choose an activity that you think he'll enjoy and spend some time with him.

Readers- How are you celebrating Father's Day this year? Leave a comment below to let us know. We'd love to hear your ideas.

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