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Holiday Party Survival Guide


You can hope you won't gain weight over the holidays or you can take action on that ambition. I have far too many clients using the word "hope" lately. While hope is great, the word "hope" in this scenario is being used to give yourself a way out so you don't feel like you failed. Well, this holiday season, it's time to take matters into your own hands!

Since most calories are consumed at holiday parties, these tips focus on DOs and DON'Ts for your holiday bash:

1. DON'T: Go to a Holiday Party Hungry
Do not starve yourself all day so you can eat anything that night. Instead, have a normal day of food (breakfast/snack/lunch/snack.) I like to have a protein shake before a party, so I'm not too hungry!  When you are full, you will be less likely to overindulge.

2. DO: One Serving Rule
What if I said you could eat anything at the party as long as it was one serving? So, one appetizer (and only one serving of it), one serving of an entrée, one serving of a side dish and one serving of dessert. Yes, this may still be more food than you normally eat; however, if you did not play by the "One Serving Rule" it's possible you would eat multiple servings of all those foods! Here is a quick guide to help you calculate serving sizes.

3. DO: One Cocktail Rule
Okay, I admit one drink is tough at a party. But if you don't want to gain weight this season, sticking to that one glass of wine might be the trick. The more you drink, the more you lose your inhibitions and that's when you could go crazy with food and see your goal of not gaining weight go right out the door. Try and nurse that one cocktail throughout the evening and then have sparkling water in a wine glass. It will be worth it!

4. DO: Push Yourself to Work Out That Day
If you have a party to go to, do NOT make that your day off from working out. You are more likely to eat healthy if you work out that day!  Make it a killer cardio session. Plus working out can help make you feel sexier!

5. DO: Be Accountable
Tell a friend, husband, partner or children that you are only going to have one drink, one serving of certain foods and a small sliver of dessert. If you put that out there to your friends and family, you are more likely to stay on track, as you know they are watching.

6. DON'T: Be Coerced
There are always going to be people who want you to eat and drink with them at these parties. They might say things like "why are you dieting?" or "you don't need to lose weight, enjoy the food." But that is not a reason to over eat and drink - especially since you'll probably be attending more than just one holiday party this season. A true friend will understand your choices and respect them.

7. DO: Be Present
Make this the year you are present with your friends and family at these events. Don't worry so much about the food, but rather focus on the company, conversation and joy of being with everyone. The holidays are a time to enjoy life, not stuff yourself so full of food that your pants are so tight you are in pain.

Here's to your health in the new year!


Readers - What are your tricks to staying in-check at holiday parties? What are your biggest temptations? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Kim Eagle, founder of Earn That Body!™, is revolutionizing the way personal training is done through her virtual coaching program!  She has helped hundreds of clients around the world lose weight, get ripped and most importantly, get healthy.  Her enthusiasm about healthy food & fitness is contagious!  She is a trainer who gets the job done, and she eats "excuses" for breakfast.

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