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Introductions and My Most-Asked Questions

Hello, I'm Karen Jashinsky, personal trainer and entrepreneur. I've been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and I received my MBA in Entrepreneurship from USC. A few years ago, I founded O2 MAX, a nationwide fitness and media company based in Santa Monica, CA. O2 MAX is a revolutionary fitness solution that combines online tools, social media, and real world workouts to provide an adaptable and personalized fitness regimen for students and busy people.

Growing up I had asthma, and was never the fastest runner. But I was always very athletic, and the weight room changed my fitness level for life. I enjoy a mix of strength training, yoga, Pilates, and cardio. Also, I put a huge emphasis on core. It's in every workout, from jumping onto park benches to practicing Warrior III Pose. I'm core crazy because in 2005 I was hit by a car while riding my bike. When the meds first wore off, the doctors said my core strength saved my life. I still needed months to recover, but that's the power of a strong core. Tight abs and a high bottom are great at parties, but the real power of core strength comes in performance and injury prevention.

As someone who juggled school, internships, being a fitness freak, and enjoying dessert, I was always looking for ways to fit in workouts. But no one is too busy to make healthy choices. That's what I do--I work with students and busy professionals to fit workouts into their schedules, and to take advantage of whatever equipment they have available. Limited to a yoga mat and a heavy backpack? That's a workout just waiting to happen.

Being a college grad myself, I know all about parties, tailgating, and finals. My team and I pass on tips and tricks for picking healthy food, while not taking away everyone's favorites (like fro yo!). I hope to pass on helpful advice here. It's never too late to make changes, and there's no situation too chaotic for personal growth and goal setting. And these changes don't mean deprivation or a duller social life. Mine sure isn't, and there's nothing I advise that I wouldn't apply to myself. If you're interested in a more in-depth look at O2 MAX's workouts and nutrition suggestions, you can check out our book.

Besides a little about me, there are two things I wanted to share with you today. The first is about a question I'm always asked: how to get a six pack. For me, it's more about a strong core. A six pack is a byproduct. That leads me to my favorite core exercise:

Bicycle crunches! Bicycle crunches are hands down one of the most effective, easy-to-do-anywhere ab exercises.

A Bosu ball isn't required, but it does add resistance.

Simple, but do enough of these and they aren't easy. And just a quick word of advice--doing hundreds of crunches won't give you an automatic six pack. That requires losing fat so you can see the muscles underneath. But these exercises develop your muscles and strengthen your core, so your beautiful abs will be there, waiting. And if need be, they'll protect your spine in the event of an unforeseen accident.

The second thing is another question people often ask me. How do I stay excited about fitness? It's not just a quirky gym rat thing. I stay inspired by always improving. I set at least one physical goal every year. Since becoming a trainer, I've completed marathons, triathlons, and century rides. Most recently, I hiked to the top of Mount Whitney--one of the highest summits in U.S. That isn't something I could do a few years ago; it took training and determination to get me there.

Goals like that keep me excited and inspired to stay fit. A healthy, fit lifestyle is one of the best ways to be confident and strong. I love what I do--revolutionizing the way students and busy people experience fitness.


Karen Jashinsky is a personal trainer and the founder and Chief Fitness Officer of O2 MAX, a revolutionary fitness solution that combines online tools, social media, and real world workouts to provide an adaptable and personalized fitness regimen for students and busy people.

Join Karen onĀ Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for daily updates on how to lead your best active life. For more information on O2 MAX, click here.


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